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In order to test the possibility of growing plants from clay I carried some experiments. The following 3 images were taken in 3 different weeks and are the result of a mix of soil and clay with catgrass seeds on the top. They were sown in late october and started sprouting in five days, while being watered daily and placed in front of a window.

The following images were taken from the experiment using lentil seeds on different a composition. Instead of mixing soil and clay, I used only clay mixed with seeds. When I pulled them from the ceramic workshop cabinet, the day after I molded the brick, they had already started to sprout. In the other hand, their growth was much slower compared to the previous experiment, possibly because of the clay. They would be watered everyday too, but the clay seemed to dry very quickly. Sunny days made them grow faster.

After this experiment I decided not to carry on with the Breeds installation and carry on experimenting with seeds and clay in different ways.

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