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In this film, images of the garden and the voices of interviewees give us a hint of who they are what this place means to them.

Seeds for Stories, 2016
Exchange/ Film, 5:00 min.

Intrigued by the various ways in which the Old English Garden has been used by the public and the stories it has witnessed in over a century of existence, I proposed an exchange to the visitors of the garden: Seeds for stories, conversation, memories.  As I interviewed 21 people and explored intersections between public and private memories, stories were recorded and written on paper.

Seed packets were suspended on a line above a bench and as each interview ended, the packet was replaced a sheet with notes and doodles from the interviews.

This event was part of the Thrive Battersea program in the Chelsea Fringe Show 2016 from the 25th to the 29th of May. It existed as an artistic practice of exchange and also produced content for a film. This 5 minutes version was presented as a projection in the 2016 Graduate Diploma Degree Show at Chelsea College of Arts.

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