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Fish out of water

I've been wanting to create an animation out of hand drawings for a while. I decided to make one and test it on the group research exhibition at Chelsea. My group was formed based on common interests and we named our show "Perceptions and Space". The inspiration for my animation came from a fish I'd seen and filmed during summer, peacefully swimming close to ducks and other birds in a canal in Annecy, France.

I started by trying to understanding the movement of the fish and drawing on post-its to create a flipbook. Later, I created a sequence of drawings of the fish in 94 different positions.

The sequence was then digitally edited and ovelapped with a transparent layer of the real footage and a map of Cambewell.

The "Perceptions and Space" group created a collective installation of metal barriers on which we all hanged objects, focusing on textures and visual manipullations through mirrors and projections.

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