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Bricks, 2015 - 2016

This work emerged as a proposal for the Picton Art Prize during the summer of 2015 and has been developing ever since. It involves questions of form, materiality, temporality and transformation.

The decision to use bricks in this sculpture is based on the fact that most of the architectural heritage of London is made of bricks. They have also been used in literature as a methaphor for standardization, social control. The unfired bricks containing seeds, challenge the idea of control and are suposed to nurture transformation. Interested in the idea of refusing control, I inted to join the viewer in contemplating what the sculpture can transform into.

Is it possible for a sculpture not to stand for control or any other kind of violence? Can it welcome time's action upon it? How does the viewer relate to it, knowing it will be different the next time they see it?


An oval shaped structure made of 360 bricks - half industrially produced and half handmade out of clay, soil and seeds.

Initial of the Sculpture in metres:

1,96L x 1,24D x 1,24H


Determined to test the idea in a smaller scale, I gathered several kinds of seeds and mixed them with soil and clay in different proportions. All of them sprouted and grew whilst being watered. During winter they were left at the studio and dried out, but months later, they were placed outside and bursted with life.

This will remain as a proposal until it finds the basic conditions to exist.

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