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Patricia Orem was born in Vitoria, Brazil (1986). She graduated in Architecture in São Paulo, Brazil, 2010 and studied Fine Arts, at the Chelsea College of Arts, in London, United Kingdom from 2014 to 2016.

Through a variety of media such as illustrations, moving images, installations and clay, her work has explored the poetics of space and place, of displacement and belonging. With a substantial tendency to work on the specificity of a site or group of people, she has used materials widely available on site and created situations of collaboration and creative participation.

From 2017 she lives at lake Mergozzo, where she has founded Casa della Capra, an experience hotel focusing on Art, Bicycle and Cooking activities. Patricia is responsible for the art program, developing collaborations with locals artists that offer creative workshops at the property and facilitating the SCAMBIO art residencies, a project that exchanges artworks for hospitality and has filled the hotel with over 10 works.


In the past years her practice has flourished in the field of textile art, with the creation of works that continue the research of ethnobotany, sustainable art practices and, more recently, botanical dyeing. Weaving workshops are offered regularly at Casa della Capra or can be organised on demand for groups from 4 participants. All artworks are unique to their context and are available through commission only. Her works have been presented in exhibitions in Brazil, England and Italy.


Curiculum Vitae





Architecture and Urbanism Degree | Universidade Mackenzie Ÿ| Sao Paulo, Brazil




Fine Arts Graduate Diploma |Ÿ Chelsea College of Arts Ÿ| London, UK


Group Exhibitions:




Off Site Ÿ| Safehouse Peckham |Ÿ London, UK

Seeds for Stories Ÿ| Thrive @ Battersea Park Chelsea Fringe Ÿ| London, UK


Interim Ÿ| Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts Ÿ| London, UK




Trip the Light |Ÿ A- Side B-Side Gallery |Ÿ London, UK




Mescla Cultural #2 Ÿ| Sao Paulo, Brazil






Frontier Economics Student Art Project |Ÿ London, UK

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