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On documentation of time-based artworks

I've been thinking of documentation and the way it seems to change the perception of an Artwork. I believe it's common sense that by documenting an artwork, a lot of information is lost. the moment one choses to photograph an artwork and limits the perceoption of the whole piece to a specific position of the camera.

Would the same would happen if someone decided to record the sound of an artwork, or the smell. How could texture be recorded?

How to deal with the problematic from the fact that whenever an artwork is documented, another object comes to being?

I thought about documenting an installation I'm planning to build by creating a time-lapse video. However, it would create an inconsistency with the very approach to time that the original piece has. It is a vey slow time based artwork - and a time lapse would take seconds to represent something that should be seen in the course of months.

If I decided to docoment it that way, it would have to be a well thought decision. Maybe If I show the time-lapse video with a reminder of its slow time... (In other words: how not to produce a feeling of anxiety while accelerating the visualization of a time based piece that is meant to be perceived as a very delicate, precious and slow?)

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