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Plan B

How much do you rely on your right hand? If you are left handed, how much do you rely on your left hand, then?

We are taught to make choices that reinforce duality, starting from childhood. We must choose a hand over the other, we are told to choose our favourite colour out of all others, to have either this or that. I have thought about the amount of choices we are driven to make all the time and realized it is not always necessary to force this separation constantly, like most of us do. How about embracing possibilities and perceiving reality as abundant?

Sometimes unexpected changes can remind us that we left part of ourselfs unseen or undeveloped. Wearing a cast on my right hand for eight weeks drove my attention to my left hand. I was told I was ambidestrous as a child and I trained my left hand to draw and to do everything else the right hand used to do alone.

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