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     My work embraces wide variety of mediums. I seek to explore each one to its best capacity for every different project. My practive develops upon a materiality versus non materiality duality. The object is validated by its use on a process or by the way it is constructed, rather than its aesthetic value or form as an object alone. They often intermediate interactive situations or collaborative processes, re-articulating the position of the artist in relation to the viewer.

    As a foreigner , previouly in England, and now in Italy, my research is often guided by questions of space and place. What is it that makes a space a place? What does it mean to belong? Who is the migrant? I have found some interesting unfoldings of these questions in engaging with communities and observing how they engage with their cultural, geografical, social and cultural contexts. Most of my latest works have been the result of engagement with site and communities.


    I also started to experiment with ephemeral materials, such as plants or other materials that change with time, such as copper or clay. Documentation has become a very important part of my work. While in some cases the work can only exist on the here and now, there are situations where the documentation develops to become piece on its own. Perhaps my work is trying to push the borders a little bit. Negotiating its space, tracing limits, trying to find where it belongs.

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