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I usually focus on writing down the names of artists sugested by the tutor.

Below are the trascriptions of some of the notes made during tutorials.

Tutorial with Katrine Hjelde #1

I ad just tranferred from the 2nd year of the BA to the GD. i showed some of the ideas I had and what I wanted to develop. I wanted to create an obejct that would transform itself. Testing the idea of the bricks in other forms.

We talked about seed bombing and whether it can be considered an art practice.

Tutorial with Katrine Hjelde #2

We talked about the ideas for the "Take Care" piece. At this point the kinf of interaction around it was not defined yet. Katrine alerted me about not all viewers would engage with it. I started looking for different  ways of organizing that.

Tutorial with Katrine Hjelde #3

We talked about documentation. Site specificity and the non site.

Robert Smithson - Non site

Notes from conversation with Mike Rickets:

(Performing the city workshop)

David Pinder Art Politics and Pedagogy

Francis Alys

Michel de Certeau - Everyday life, resistance

Gordon Matta Clarcke- 70's Trespassing, cutting buildings, split house

Robert Smithson - Spiral Jetty

Richard Serra

Rosalyn Deutsche - Public Space

Barbican - Radical Nature

Mierle Laderman Ukeles

Hans Haacke


Eva Mosha

Catarina Seda

Andreas Siekmann

Jeremy Deller

Emily Jacir

Names of artists written randomly on my sketchbook, probably during tutorials:

Claudia Madrazzo

Jorge Pardo

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