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​Main interests and concerns:


Transformation. Growth, ruin. Focus on Process

Art as Nature.

Venice Biennale. Herman de Vries

Seeds. Plants, flowers, fruits. Weeds. Crops

Ecology. Botanic research, origin of cultivated plants, eating habits.

The Ephemeral. Biological materials tend to have an ephemeral nature. Documentation of process time-based art. Presence, re-presentation in video. Dislocations.

The "Beholder":

Activating the viewer.

Changing hierarchy – beyond contemplation. Recognize there in no passive contemplating.

Participation/ Collaboration

How the viewer appropriates the artwork

Object as a catalyzer of interaction

An invitation to reflect based upon a physical experience.

The invisible contract between the Artist and the Beholder

Site Specificity:

Where does the artwork belong? Public spaces vs. Private spaces

Gallery space. Different place, different meaning.

Space as a tool. Potential for change?

Performing the City: Workshop on strategies of resistance.

One Place After Another, Miwon Kwon.

Public art “domesticated”. Discursive site-specificity.

The Smooth and the Striated space. Nomadic Behaviours.

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